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EAS continues to manufacture diamond abrasive, cutting and drilling discs by using the latest technology in the glass industry in particular, and also ceramic, optical glass, hard metal, automotive, mining and construction sectors, by means of the mission of being the quality follower of diamond abrasives for many years.

In accordance with the policies applied, our company aims at improving quality continuously and in this direction it has met the need to the trained personnel and appropriate equipment and control the products and processes via written documents in order to provide products and services that match the demands of its customers. It is aimed to satisfy the customer by making necessary experiments and inspections at every stage of production.

Our aim is to share current products, materials, methods, and techniques with our customers and put them at the disposal of our customers by directing research and development efforts in line with global customer requests.

As a result of our effort in this direction and the quality system that we have implemented, we have been certified by the TUV Certification Department on 18.02.2003 that we have been applying the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System as the result of the third party independent audit.

We thank you for the interest you have shown, and we are once again ready to share any kind of information and experience with you.

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